You're the owner of a physical store? But because of the ongoing Pandemic you had to close your store for your customers?
Let's waste no time and start selling your products online! Whether you want to sell your products locally or nationwide, a Web-Shop will definitely have a significant impact on your sales and income .If you need help, i could build a store for you. Either at SHOPIFY or via WooCommerce based on WordPress.
All of this sounds totally new for you? No worries. This is where I will explain everything to you in detail.

You already have a website, blog or webshop? But for some reason you are not satisfied with the current design or theme? You need help with the implementation of new features or effects on your site?
No matter if you just want a redesign or a brand new page to tell your business story online: Feel free to get in touch, so we can discuss your needs and visions. In a free exploratory call/chat we evaluate the individual goals you want to reach with your website and identify possible solutions, requirements or problems. After first drafts we will develop a design concept, so i can create a descriptive prototype. Based on this prototype the website will be built. Of course, I will also take care of the web hosting, the server-side configuration and the monthly maintenance if you wish.

Over time I acquired solid knowledge in the programming language Python with a special interest in web scraping and the management and visualization of the generated data.
But the possibilities on how to utilize Python are nearly endless. With its countless libraries, Python empowers us to tackle almost any challenge.​
So if you are facing a problem that can be solved with the help of mathematics, scripts, databases or other software related concepts, I would love to hear from you.

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