GUI Pic-Shrink



Basically, this is a program that shrinks a large number of image files in a folder by a predefined percentage. It is written in Python and the GUI is built with PyQt. You can find the code and binaries on Github..

When sweet becomes healthy


Food Blog

Since 2020 I take care for the technical maintenance of this WordPress-Blog. I implemented a Woocommerce webshop for digital products, realized several design improvements, and took measures to enhance the site's performance and security. The site has an increasing average of 250 visitors per day. In addition, there is a vast and consistent social media integration and e-mail marketing powered by Mailchimp. .

Single-Page Website


Single-Page Website

A OnePager in a 16-bit retro arcade look. The best experience is delivered on a 1080p screen. On a mobile device, unfortunately, there's only a truncated version possible. Scroll to explore...



"First Time On Earth"

"First Time On Earth" is a Shopify webshop specially designed for the needs of babies and small children (or their parents). You cannot place real orders in the store. It is built for demonstration purposes. The password to get access is "Shopify".

Website Therapist



Here I have built the website for a psychotherapist. The special challenge was the creation of relatively complex contact forms which help to automate some administrative tasks. A file is automatically generated for patients when they use the contact form and the appointment is confirmed by a personalized email. At the start of the treatment, all the necessary data about the patient is available and the therapist can immediately start with the actual content-related work.




Are your passwords still safe? I know it's annoying. With this small tool you can check regulary if your passwords has been compromised in a data breach. It communicates to the API of "have i been pwned" and searchs through 320 million hacked passwords. Essentially, it’s a database of passwords that you should definitely not be using anywhere. It's written in Python

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